neatly bookending a body of work

The most recent Write the Docs newsletter starts with a sign off by Beth, this being their last newsletter as editor.

It’s Beth here, joining you for my last email as editor. It’s been a real privilege to take up space in your inbox these past few years - thank you for reading! I’ll let our new editor introduce himself in the next edition, but I’m excited to see someone new taking the reins, and I’m sure he’s going to do a fantastic job.

Prompted by this, I searched my email to clean up old WtD newsletters and, LOL, the oldest email from WtD in my archive starts with:

Hi everyone! It's Beth Aitman here, in my first issue as your newsletter editor. Hoping to continue Kelly O'Brien's fine work bringing you news and interesting discussions from across the Write the Docs community.

I wish them well on their journeys 🧶

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